DFT IC Engineer

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Ingegneria; Ricerca e Sviluppo

Job Overview : 

To strengthen our IC design team, we are currently looking for a Design-for-Test IC Engineer.
The selected candidate will work in close collaborations with the IC Design team and other technical functions within Eggtronic. Moreover, he/she will run several different Asian OSAT companies.  

Main Responsibilities: 

We are looking for a motivated and proactive engineer able to work in complete synergy with an heterogeneous team and ready to be responsible for:
  • Define and implement test structures for the ASIC production chain
  • Define specs (hardware and software) for each IP test
  • Collaborate with OSAT companies for production test & assembly activities

Reports to :

The DFT IC Engineer will report directly to the Head of IC Design Team.

Qualifications and Background : 
  • Technical Skills Required:
    • Knowledge of the CMOS technology and manufacturing process.
    • Knowledge of testing procedures and tools.
    • Knowledge of main Analog IPs for ASIC: Amplifiers, Data Converters, Bandgap, comparators, current and voltage references, LDOs
    • Knowledge of IC test structures: Scan-chain insertion and Test Pattern generation (ATPG, VCD) ; Memory BIST (Built-in-Self-Test); Boundary Scan .
  • Nice to have : 
    • Knowledge of JTAG FSM
    • Experience of Digital Design & Verification
  • Required Experience:
    • PhD or MS Degree in Microelectronics or Physics.
    • 0-3 years related experience in ASIC design or test.
  • Soft Skills :
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Organizational skills
    • Results-oriented mindset
    • Fluent in English (B2 or higher)  

What We Offer
  • Competitive salary
  • Employee fringe benefits (welfare)
  • Dedicated healthcare check-up
  • Annual bonus
  • Talented team
  • Career opportunities

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Business unit
Ingegneria; Ricerca e Sviluppo