Digital Hardware Engineer

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Job Overview

We are looking for Digital Hardware Engineer to join our ICs Engineering Design team in Modena, currently focused on the development of our IC roadmap. You will work in dynamic, proactive and young team within IC Engineering Department.

Main Responsabilities:

  • Design and development of Electronic Devices
  • Low level firmware development focused on hardware debug and validation
  • In conjunction with the team of every step of the development process:
  • Definition of requirements/specifications
  • System Design
  • Board level Schematics definition and designers
  • Provide support to PCB Designers
  • Debug/verification/validation and the other activities related to the product release such as documentation and certification

Be involved in:

  • Supports and cooperation with other Eggtronic teams and departments during their development phases, providing support for test & debug of final applications
  • Provide support during the validation and certification phases, in both in-house and external test facilities

Reports To

The Digital Hardware Engineer will report directly to the Head of IC Team

Qualifications and Background


  • Specialized and Technical Knowledge

Required skills

  • Languages C, C++
  • Microcontroller fundamentals
  • Microcontroller specific IDE
  • Basic knowledge of main hardware blocks, analog and digital (OpAmp, Mux, ADCs, DACs, PSU, Serial communication protocols UART, I2C, ...)
  • Microcode Programming fundamentals
  • Operating System Basics (Linux, Windows)
  • Knowledge of HDL (e.g. Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL)

Nice to have

  • Experience with FPGA
  • Knowledge of low-level debug tools (OPENOCD, SWD, JTAG)
  • Knowledge of GCC, MAKEFILE syntax and linker script
  • Use of GIT
  • Soft Skills
    • Team player
    • Problem solver 
    • Passionate, proactive and enthusiastic
    • Precise and reliable
  • Tools
    • Electronic Instrumentation: Oscilloscope, AC Power supply, Power Analyzer, Electronic Load, Climatic chamber
  • Preferred Experience
  • Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering
  • Graduate > 100/110 final marks
  • Good knowledge of English (B or higher)   

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Employee fringe benefits (welfare)
  • Dedicated healthcare check-up
  • Annual bonus
  • Talented team
  • Career opportunities

About Eggtronic


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Einova is Eggtronic’s retail brand, uniting Eggtronic technological innovations with premium Italian product design. Einova wireless chargers, power banks and power adapters are sold in stores throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East, as well as online at Whether for B2B partnerships or for today’s discerning consumers, Eggtronic helps make modern life easier, more efficient and more connected. 

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