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Procurement Manager

Job Overview:

Reporting to the Operations Manager and working closely with our Taiwan and China offices, the successful candidate will design and deliver a supply chain that comprises of vendors who understand and support Eggtronic’s ambitions and demonstrate this through competitive commercial terms, responsive service and fit for purpose quality. The procurement manager is an accomplished negotiator who understand the value of market intelligence. The role involves working closely with the development, quality and finance team
The current supply chain has grown organically is fragmented and in need of a re-design where spend is more focused on a smaller number of well-chosen suppliers who see the potential of Eggtronic and want to be instrumental in their success. The re-design will include selecting out suppliers and introducing new ones as well as introducing a contractual framework that improves commercial terms (e.g payment terms) once performance thresholds have been met. The procurement manager will work with internal stakeholders to design a supply chain that is fit for the future and will keep Eggtronic competitive as the business scales.
The successful candidate knows how to get the best out of suppliers and will be respected by them through being a credible negotiator who knows how much things should cost. Naturally inquisitive the candidate understands the power of knowledge in trading relationships along with the importance of being a trusted and reliable customer.
The procurement manager is restless and always looking for ways to improve the commercial performance of the business. With their value to the business understood both internally and externally.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is an experienced professional who is a procurement/purchasing manager of a small team
  • Has worked in a company that supplies electronic hardware products in volume to either Consumers (B2C), Businesses (B2B), or both.
  • Has a minimum of 5 years purchasing/procurement experience.
  • Has experience of buying from ASIA (both procurement and manufacturing) either directly or via a local office.
  • Has experience of working with the planning team to interpret and consolidate customer demand signal into supply plans that can be shared with suppliers.
  • Can demonstrate their effectiveness as a negotiator
  • Has worked with planning teams to produce supply planning schedules that maximise on-time delivery performance whilst minimising working capital impact and inventory.
  • Understands that ‘inventory is a ‘substitute for information’ and knows how to purchase responsibly
  • Has run, and/or introduced, a system based purchasing process with suitable governance and controls
  • Has experience of procuring integrated circuits
  • Is comfortable working with Development teams on New Product Introductions (NPI).
  • Has worked directly with Finance functions and understands the importance of their priorities.
  • Has a relevant professional qualification

Personal attributes:
  • Treats company money as if it was their own
  • Is an excellent communicator who tells compelling stories as part of their negotiating technique
  • Is an accomplished practitioner with all the negotiating tactics (compromise, bargaining, logic, emotion and threat) and knows when to use them effectively.
  • Is a clear and methodical thinker
  • Wants to understand the numbers and the story behind the numbers
  • Knows how to say ‘no’ without causing offense
  • Has the appetite and ability to improve and professionalise existing systems and methodologies
  • Able to work constructively with Sales and finance teams.
  • Proactively changes purchasing plans in response to changing input signals and with minimal fuss
  • Feels responsible for company money (cash)
  • Looks ahead, thinks ahead and plans ahead
  • Wants to measure things in order to improve performance.
  • Is a capable communicator and negotiator
  • Is able to distinguish between the ‘urgent’ and the ‘important’
  • Not afraid to take decisions, but knows when to escalate
  • Listens to all the arguments and takes a considered position.
  • Wants to change the world and is prepared to work hard


The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:
  • Re-designing the supply chain to get maximum ‘bang for buck’ in relation to:
    • On time delivery performance
    • Cost of goods
    • Service
    • Quality
    • Return on spend
  • Introduce supplier contracts with key vendors that include performance milestones that improve the commercial terms (in particular payment terms) when contribution thresholds are met.
  • In collaboration with the planning team, devise a purchasing methodology that achieves high customer on-time delivery performance whilst minimising inventory held
  • Introduce a set of performance measures (KPI’s / PI’s) designed to elevate planning performance over time and that are visible to all.
  • Introduce a system based purchasing methodology that responds quickly and easily to changing demand signals
  • Introducing a supplier forecasting process (mix of binding and non-binding) that provides supplier with the most accurate and up to date information available for them to plan.
  • Implement quarterly reviews with suppliers that provides data driven feedback on their performance and areas where they need to improve
  • Introducing purchase price variance tracking (PPV’s) and a stock re-valuation process that is sufficient to satisfy auditing requirements
  • Develops the ERP system to become a powerful and effective business tool
  • Ensure that purchase orders are placed on the system and updated (due date etc) in response to changing conditions.
  • Ensuring that purchasing decisions are made at the right levels and at the right times (governance). This includes providing the approver with sufficient qualifying information to enable them to make informed decisions.
  • Introducing purchase price variance tracking (PPV’s) and a stock re-valuation process that is sufficient to satisfy auditing requirements.
  • Line management responsibility for a project buyer. Will guide, mentor and develop the individual to improve their skills and competencies. The project buyer is responsible for buying, kitting and assembly of fast turn prototypes designed by the development team
  • Working with Development teams on New Product Introductions (NPI’s)
  • Working with Finance teams to ensure that business planning is ‘in control’
  • Input to annual budgeting process

About Eggtronic: 

Eggtronic was founded in 2012 and are shaping the world of power electronics. With headquarters in Modena and offices in California, Taiwan and China we specialise in developing innovative technologies that are more energy and space efficient than our competitors.
With over 200 patents granted worldwide, we are attracting the attention of many prestigious blue chip multi-national companies who are designing our technology into their product solutions that are used by millions of consumers every day. Together we are changing the world.
We also sell a range of products directly to consumers in North America and Europe that further showcase our technology through our Einova brand.
And we are developing integrated circuits (IC’s) that contain our technology to further extend the its reach in applications where energy efficiency and space saving is most highly prized.
We are on a mission to change the world and are looking for ambitious people who can bring their experience, passion and creativity to our company that is on an exciting growth trajectory.

Business unit
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