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About Eggtronic 
Eggtronic is a worldwide electronics company founded in 2012, based in Modena, also present in California and China.
We are experienced and specialized in the development of innovative technologies in the field of power electronics, with particular focus in highly efficient and miniaturized power converters, and superspeed position free wireless power, power storage and data over power transmission.
Eggtronic has more than 200 international patents granted worldwide.
We also boast many collaborations with the most important multinational corporations in the world.
2020 saw the launch of Einova by Eggtronic, a high-end retail brand, while a new ICs division will produce its first integrated circuits starting the beginning of 2021.
Whether through B2B partnerships or for everyday consumers, Eggtronic helps make modern life easier, more efficient and more connected.
World records in efficiency, miniaturization, functionality, revolutionary products and integrated circuits all testify to Eggtronic’s leading position in the world of Power Electronics.

Job Overview
With regards to a special project, we are looking for a Silicon Security Engineer to join our ICs engineering team, for the development of our own processors.

This person will be located in Modena, Italy (Eggtronic headquarters) and will be in charge of a special project, with the aim to create an ecosystem using Eggtronic dedicated hardware and a decentralized system based on blockchain technology.
Our ambition is to solve an existing problem in the field of microprocessors regarding IP protection.

The selected candidate will report directly to the CTO.

Qualifications and Background

We are looking for a brilliant problem-solver, able to work both autonomously and as a team, who is passionate about logical challenges.
The successful candidate is interested in the topics involved and is ready to take on this exciting project.
  • Degree in STEM with high final marks, or equivalent experience
  • Algorithm expert
  • Background/experience in the field of cryptography and/or cybersecurity, with particular emphasis on silicon security
  • Familiarity with technical challenges
  • Knowledge of BlockChain and Smart Contracts
  • Knowledge of electronic calculators and microcontroller architecture (e.g. RISC) is a plus
  • Knowledge of main programming and scripting languages is preferred (e.g. Python, C++)
Personal Attributes
  • Problem solver
  • Goal oriented
  • Organized and good in prioritizing tasks
  • Autonomous and self-motivated
What We Offer
  • Competitive salary
  • Employee fringe benefits (company welfare)
  • Dedicated healthcare check-up
  • Annual bonus
  • Talented team
  • Career opportunities
Business unit

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